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Join the Best Military-Support Referral Network in Kansas City

Are you or someone you know going through a military transition?

If you are planning for, currently going through, or have experienced a military transition, or support those who are, The Purple Connection is for YOU!

TPC is a unique environment for learning, networking, and building referral partnerships that showcase veteran and military-spouse entrepreneurs, community organizations, and military-friendly companies to create a more purposeful, efficient, and successful transition from military service for service members and their families.

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What is The Purple Connection?

♦ An educational networking community that introduces you to people and organizations within the military-support and business communities who are or support American Warriors.

♦ A networking tactic where RED + BLUE = PURPLE

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♦ Makes it easy, informative, and fun for the military and military-support community to connect

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The Purple Connection is
currently on Hiatus as we restructure the program to meet audience interests and time.

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Event is hosted, organized, and facilitated by Toops Consulting, LLC

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TPC Program

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Your Central Resource Hub

You cannot succeed alone in life. Whether you just moved, are in transition, or starting a new business, having the right people by your side will make a significant difference. Led and powered by Toops Consulting, The Purple Connection is the biggest military-support referral network in the Kansas City Metropolitan Area, and one you should consider being a participant!


Learn the basics of personal and business finance, insurance, wealth management, and more. Our network lets you find accounting, banking, lending, and other financial professionals.


Are you struggling with identifying a new personal or career identity or purpose? Are you losing faith or confidence in life, career, or social endeavors? Do you need an open-minded, compassionate and accepting community that accepts you where you are without judgment? You’ve found it.


Learn more about wellness and self-care while finding the health professionals you need. Our network has chiropractors, yoga instructors, health insurance professionals, nutritionists, personal trainers, and more.


Are you struggling to understand or access your military benefits? Are you dealing with family legal battles? Are you starting a new business, need to understand business contracts, or protect intellectual property? TPC has plenty of legal resources for veterans, freelancers, business owners, and immigrants to handle any legal need.


All transitions require a change in mindset, perspective, or capabilities to get to what is next. Suppose you need to improve your skills and abilities. TPC can connect you to mentors, coaches, and other resources that provide formal and informal education, professional training programs, and certifications for personal and professional growth.

Business Ownership

Find like-minded people who decided to be their own boss to help you get started as an entrepreneur. Learn about the best practices for running a successful business so you can save time from the beginning.

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Finding Your Community

Value of a Lifetime

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The Purple Connection maintains good relationships with many local businesses and veteran support organizations. Whether you’re new to the Kansas City metropolitan area, or just returned from the force, we’ll help you engage with local communities to foster a sense of belonging.

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Become a Featured Business

Sharing Your Story

Do you have a story to share? The Purple Connection provides a free, engaging platform for businesses to connect with new people. Nominate yourself or a friend’s business and invite them to our next meeting to take the spotlight!

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Business and Professional Development Resources

The Biggest Military-Support Network in Kansas City

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The experts in The Purple Connection never hesitate to share their knowledge with those seeking help. Here, you’ll learn everything about business and professional development, find new career opportunities, and even develop a robust referral network that will continue to help you grow.

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Our Affiliations

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Ted Davis

Emma Toops is energetic, passionate about her work, sincerely concerned about others, and thoroughly knowledgeable about armed forces veterans' issues. She is extremely poised and articulate. She is a business owner's best friend for finding, hiring, and engaging veterans as they leave active duty. Business owners and veterans will benefit greatly from her expertise and guidance.


Tom Duncan

Expert transition advice combined with extensive knowledge of the Kansas City business community and Veteran organizations. Well worth your time to gain her perspective as you develop your transition plan!

Travis Davis

Emma helped me redefine the way I communicate with recruiters and hiring managers. Her affinity and rapport with the military community are invaluable. Emma can help veterans equip themselves to present well to civilian employers, and she can help companies and civilian employers to better find and receive talented veterans.
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