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About Us

Helping Individuals and Businesses Get Confident and Purposefully Pursue Their Goals

About Toops Consulting

Our purpose is to help individuals and businesses eliminate wasted time and effort when transitioning in life, school, career, or business with personal and organizational development that results in a more energetic, efficient, and successful pursuit and attainment of goals and opportunities.

Meet Your Consultants

David and Emma Toops are lifelong learners and professional educators. We are subject-matter experts who support students, adults, and organizations with academic, career, military transition, or business coaching using a strengths-focused approach for a more efficient and intentional process.

David Toops

30+ years of experience in the IT industry.

David is an IT professional with 30+ years of experience in various skills: software development, data management, information security, database, and other system reporting, and IT management.

David supported Emma’s military career as a military spouse for nearly 18 years. Since Emma’s military retirement in 2013, he has worked alongside her in entrepreneurship and community service endeavors.

Emma Toops

An ROTC Distinguished Military Graduate and Army Veteran with 17.5 years of active-duty experience.

Emma is a retired Army Major who served in the U.S.A., South Korea, and Germany; had two company commands; and deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan.

Emma’s military expertise with training, education, environmental risk identification and mitigation, and organizational leadership led her to entrepreneurship and community service after retiring from the Army in 2013.

Our Process

We begin our process with a discovery call to understand what you want to accomplish, what you currently struggle with, and how you feel about yourself.
It’s official! Let’s begin your path to transformation. We will stick to the game plan we agreed upon and provide you with the most personalized, attentive, and professional services.
We then ask you to complete the Strengths Profile Assessment to help identify your most competitive traits and biggest hindrances. 
Throughout our coaching, we will check in with you regularly to ensure you are comfortable and satisfied with our approach and process. We will also adjust based on your feedback.
Once we have the necessary information, we will develop a game plan to help you complete the much-needed transition. 
Our work is done, but our relationship can continue. As you “graduate” from our consulting, you instantly become a part of our dynamic and supportive referral network.

Take Your First Step with a Discovery Call!

Let's do a 30-minute discovery call to find out what we can do for you, and if you’re ready to move forward with us.
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