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Personal and Organizational Development in Kansas City

​We Help You with Life, School, Career, or Business Transitions

Toops Consulting prides itself on being a unique transition coach.


We offer four pillar services that help individuals and organizations become more self-aware, improve confidence, and create purposeful plans that lead to more efficient actions in pursuing goals and opportunities.

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Academic Coaching

Our coaching helps you tackle difficult subjects, prepare for the ACT or SAT, and teaches strategies that apply your strengths to achieve your goals.

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Career Coaching

Whether you’re looking to climb the corporate ladder or embrace entrepreneurship, our coaching and mentorship will help you confidently pursue and accomplish your goals.

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Military Transition

As a Soldier and Military Spouse  who became entrepreneurs in a city where we initially knew no one, we can help you in whatever transition challenges you may encounter to thrive in your What's Next after the military.

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Business Coaching

We use a strengths-focused approach to help you apply the team's talent toward transforming to another level in business. 

We specialize in military-focused programs, to include  military spouses.


Invite Us To Speak At Your Event

Public Speaking from the Best Coaches in Kansas City

Having the best speaker at your event can engage your audience more effectively and improve what they walk away with. If you’re hosting an event for your employees, an industry event, or a networking function, why not invite Toops Consulting to be your speaker?

We are subject experts on personal and organizational development, career transitions, engaging veteran talent, entrepreneurship, and many other niches. Book a call with us and tell us what you’d like to see in your program!

Alison Peters

"Kannon did really well on his SHSAT test - well enough to secure a spot at his second choice of specialized high schools - one of the top in the country! Ultimately, he also received an offer to Bard High School Early College Queens, which was his overall #1 choice - and also an outstanding school! Thank you so much for your help. It was instrumental to his success!"


Sebastian Vlasic 

"Fantastic teacher - we are really happy. Thank you so much. The best. "

Joshua Aguilar

"The best tutor!"

Ed Cartwright

I was super nervous about my military transition, and working with Emma definitely made it easier. Without her insight, coaching, and guidance, I don't think I would have understood myself or certain parts of the military-civilian transition process the way I do now. I thank her so much and will continue to work with her through my transition." 
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Academic Coaching

Helping You Succeed In School

We’re the experts who can help you improve on difficult subjects, prepare for SAT and ACT, transition from high school to college, and further your academic success.

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The Best Academic Tutor in Kansas City

Toops Consulting is one of the top-rated online tutoring service providers in Kansas City. By connecting with our students and developing a trusting and nurturing relationship, we will help them achieve their goals and prepare for life’s new challenges when transitioning from school to the real world.

Subject Tutoring

We will help you tackle your most challenging subjects and explain material in a way that makes sense to you to reinforce learning. You will be better able to apply knowledge through understanding and recall versus rote memorization.

ACT and SAT Preparation

Using the latest exam prep materials and guidebooks, our ACT and SAT tutors will create a test prep plan based on your timeframe. Tackle difficult subjects and develop a test-taking strategy.

Learner’s Skills

Reframe your mindset to create less stress and more motivation toward academic performance.

We cover time management, communication, goal setting, and creating learning strategies that apply your strengths.

Our Specialties


We are open-minded, and respectful, and understand the stress behind the academic struggle.


We adjust each learning plan based on our student’s understanding, personality, and timeframe.


We have decades of experience in academic tutoring, training, and personal coaching


We help teens and college students make academic and career decisions with compassion and an open mind. Develop your leadership skills, improve your confidence, and build a healthier mindset from scratch. 

Contract Teaching

Toops Consulting can also support a learning organization for curriculum, program development, and execution. We will provide our educational or coaching services to the students through your agency.

Virtual Tutoring

Start with your study from the comfort of your home or anywhere else with a steady Wi-Fi connection. We understand and respect your choice of study method and care about your physical and mental health.

Education Experts

Multiple Examples of Academic Success

Emma and David are education experts with decades of experience in training, coaching, and personal development, backed by multiple graduate degrees.


We are subject matter experts in STEM and the military if you are seeking careers in those fields.

The Latest Test Prep and Subject Standards

We evolve with the academic system and always follow exam preparation best practices. We only use the latest ACT and SAT preparation materials and examination guidelines. 

Beyond the Grades

Tutoring and Personal Coaching

Straight As are great, but they don’t guarantee straight As in life. That’s why you need more than a subject tutor. At Toops Consulting, we care about our students’ overall development and academic success. Let us help elevate your GPA, lifestyle, and mindset.

Setting You Up For Success

Community Resources For Career Development

Are you ready to transition from academia to the workforce? Looking for internships? Curious about what freelancing or small business ownership looks like? All Toops Consulting clients gain access to our vast referral network to set you up for your next chapter.

Elevate to Academic  Excellence and Confidently Plan Your Future

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Career Coaching

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Seize Your Future With Toops Consulting

Enter the workforce, choose a new career direction, or take a leap into entrepreneurship with Toops Consulting. Let us help you through professional transitions.

Do you want to work in the non-profit or public sector?

Toops Consulting provides career coaching for all types of individuals. Developing our growth strategy around the Strengths Profile Assessment, we work with our clients one-on-one, tailoring our approach to their personalities, knowledge, and experience.


Whether you’re new to the workforce, hoping to change a career direction, feeling stuck in the corporate environment, or taking the entrepreneurial leap, Toops Consulting is here to help you reach your goal with efficiency and purpose.

Do you have a business concept and want to become an entrepreneur?

Career Coach in Kansas City

Career Mentoring

With decades of work in various settings, our professionalism is second-to-none in the KC Metro area for how to achieve high-level performance and results in whatever endeavor is the goal.


You can’t help someone reach success using old ways in a new world. We embrace technology and digital marketing trends to help you reach the next level.


Get ready to say goodbye to your comfort zone because we will challenge you to go the extra mile in life and redefine yourself.

Our Specialties

Entering the Workforce

Are you transitioning from school to work, campus to company? We are experts in transition and will help you address the challenges that arise with a change in your surroundings and lifestyle as you begin your first job.

LinkedIn Optimization

Build a winning LinkedIn profile, learn about LinkedIn networking strategies, and grow your online presence with authentic content and a unique voice. We will teach you how to make the best professional social media platform work for you.

Small Business Development

We offer small business development and business coaching services based on our knowledge and personal experience. After all, how can you trust a business coach who has never run a successful business?

Career Transition

Whether you want to switch companies, change career directions, or believe it’s time for a promotion, we will help you complete your career transition by addressing problems before they arise.

Freelancing & Entrepreneurship

Networking & Business Development

Are you taking a leap of faith and bidding farewell to the traditional 9-to-5 jobs? We’ll help you understand your strengths and weakness, develop your brand, finding your value proposition so you can land your first client ASAP.

Nobody succeeds by themselves. Let us show you the magic of networking so you can connect with right-minded individuals and find your community.

30+ Years of Corporate Experience

With a Special Focus on the IT Field

Do you work in the tech field? Toops Consulting has profound knowledge of the IT world and can provide expert insight on how to start a career in tech, find your niche, and further your seniority on your chosen career path.

Successful Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

Business Development Based On Real-Life Experiences

We won’t teach you the fast ways of making money because there is no shortcut to growing your business. We combine best practices with our own experience as business owners and program founders to help you solve your unique challenges.

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A Veteran’s Discipline and Dedication

Holding You Accountable For Your Success

Accountability and discipline are key in coaching. With years of Army experience, Emma will hold you accountable from Day 1. If you’re tired of coaches who don’t challenge you and push you forward, come talk to Toops Consulting.

The Best Career Coaching
in Kansas City

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Military Transition

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I get it! I'm a Combat Veteran

Understand the challenges behind military-to-civilian transition from a coach who also went through the process. Know where you stand, prepare for the future, and fully embrace your possibilities as a private citizen.

Vet Transition_AFG_MAJ Toops.JPG

Over 200,000 men and women leave U.S. military service and return to life as civilians yearly. Yet, one-third of the veterans indicated they struggled with returning to ordinary life. Military-to-civilian transition is a complicated and challenging process, yet it can significantly impact veterans' quality of life after they exit the force.

Our Specialties

Strengths Profile Assessment

Transition is easier when you understand yourself more thoroughly. Our Strengths Profile Assessment will unveil your strengths and weaknesses and help you become your best self.


Skill Coaching

Learn modern skills and new technology. We can also help you build a strong LinkedIn profile and develop a memorable, unmistakable personal brand online.

Transition Readiness Test

Professional Development

We use a proven method to evaluate where you stand in your transition journey, how prepared you are, and what challenges you may face to help you create a targeted transition plan.

Whether you hope to enter the workforce or start your own business, Toops Consulting is experienced in helping veteran talent starting a new chapter in their professional life.

Vet Transition_EMBA headshot.jpg

Personalized Military Transition Assistance

A Roadmap Based on Your Circumstances

Each person experiences transition differently. Our coaching plans are based on your personality, strengths, and unique circumstances. We take into account your support network, household condition, personal goals, and other factors to create a personalized transition plan.

Based on Real Life Experience

Transition Coaching from a Combat Veteran

With nearly two decades of Army experience, Emma understands the challenges veterans face during the military-to-civilian transition. If you’re looking for transition assistance that is compassionate, experienced, and trustworthy, you’ve found us. 

Building a New Life from the Ground Up

Succeed in the Career You Want

We care about what you want to accomplish, and have the knowledge and resources to help you get closer to your dream. Toops Consulting is deeply involved in many veteran-supporting organizations and can help you get connected with additional resources you need.

Veteran’s Community Engagement

Vet Transition_Last DA Photo.jpg
Helping You Develop New Connections

Toops Consulting will help you build lifetime relationships with our extensive referral network and community programs. With our involvement with ACA Business Club and our own The Purple Connection program, veterans will find like-minded people to grow a powerful network.

Helping the Military Person thrive in the Private Sector

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Business Coaching

Helping Your Company and Your Team To Succeed

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We use the Strengths Profile assessment and our experience with leadership, high-performance teams, and technical expertise to help organizations clarify goals, strategies, and outcomes to develop action-focused, strengths-based, and resourced plans for pursuing and achieving greater future outcomes.

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How We Help

Are you struggling with workforce engagement, diversity and inclusion of military-experienced people, or team dynamics and you want more predictable and efficient, energetic, and high-level performance outcomes?

Are your challenges because of issues with skills and abilities, time or risk management, confidence to contribute, or cross-functional planning, communication, and execution?

Toops Consulting help companies accomplish their goals and break through organizational bottlenecks by directly engaging military and non-military talents. Our approach focuses on each company’s unique culture and staffing circumstances and can help eliminate redundant procedures, reduce time wasted, and reinforce your employees’ sense of belonging.

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Strengths Profile Assessment

We assess your team members individually for strengths, learned behaviors, and weaknesses and compile the results into a manager, team, or leader report to support better understanding on how to address engagement or performance challenges on the individual and team levels.

Veteran Engagement

We can help you develop a military program or veteran engagement strategy to attract and nurture veteran talents for your organization. Our expertise covers recruiting, hiring, on-boarding, engagement, and retention. Toops Consulting can also help you manage the rest of the non-military members of the organization to better understand the culture, language, and behaviors of the military person.

Program Development

Toops Consulting can support a learning organization for curriculum or program development and execution, or support an organization for individual or small group learning objectives such as workshops, seminars, coaching, or public speaking. 

Training On-Demand

Customized to be instructional or inspirational, our public speaking services are often demanded to instruct on specific expert skills or abilities. We can also speak at events you or your organization hosts for other companies, such as industry events.

Workshops and Seminars

These events are customized to address organizational needs that might include soft skills pertaining to leadership, communication, teamwork, planning and execution, operations, administration, etc. Our workshops and seminars can be pre-certified to meet continuing education requirements for professional certifications.

Org Dev_in KC_Emma_GKCC Veteran Programs Panel.jpg

Alison Peters

"Kannon did really well on his SHSAT test - well enough to secure a spot at his second choice of specialized high schools - one of the top in the country! Ultimately, he also received an offer to Bard High School Early College Queens, which was his overall #1 choice - and also an outstanding school! Thank you so much for your help. It was instrumental to his success!"


Sebastian Vlasic 

"Fantastic teacher - we are really happy. Thank you so much. The best. "

Joshua Aguilar

"The best tutor!"

Ed Cartwright

I was super nervous about my military transition, and working with Emma definitely made it easier. Without her insight, coaching, and guidance, I don't think I would have understood myself or certain parts of the military-civilian transition process the way I do now. I thank her so much and will continue to work with her through my transition." 
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