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Strengths Profile Assessment

Know your strengths and weaknesses so you can build a growth strategy that works for you.

What is the Strengths Profile Assessment?

The Strengths Profile Assessment was developed by strength psychology experts to help individuals and organizations discover a way to unleash their potential and reach optimal performance.

The Assessment tells you your strengths and weaknesses but also shows you what you could accomplish if you tap into strengths you aren’t utilizing right now, and avoid weaknesses that sabotage and hinder your progress.

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Image by Mel Poole
Image by Mel Poole

For Organizations

Understand your team members and managers to reduce time wasted and increase communication and productivity. Use the Strengths Profile to identify redundancies and optimize your organization.

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For Individuals

Know yourself, so you can break through life’s bottlenecks and reach a new level. Understand your toolkit, tap into your potential, wield your strength, and overcome your weaknesses.

Why Toops Consulting

Instead of taking your assessment by yourself, do it with Toops Consulting. We help you fully understand what your assessment results mean, and continue developing a personalized strategy to unleash your strength and overcome your weaknesses.

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Take Your Assessment

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Get the invitation to take the assessment for free with a starter profile, and request examples for intro and expert profiles.


Thomas Jones

Exceptional mentor! Exactly the kind of passion and energy I needed to get on the right track with figuring out who I am and the "why" behind my drive and purpose. I look forward to working more with her!


Lauren Eimers

Emma is an amazing coach with many ideas and resources to help you succeed. If you are in the midst of any kind of transition, whether that's transitioning from the military or searching for a new career, I definitely recommend connecting with her!"

Alexandra Esselman

Whether you are transitioning from the military, college graduate, or mid-career professional - you need to connect with Emma! She’s gifted and skilled at guiding you through a process to discover what you love to do, not just what you have or can do."
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