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More Than
A Life Coach

See How a Transition Coach Can Help You "Solve the Transition Puzzle."

Founded by Emma and David Toops, Toops Consulting is a comprehensive transition coaching company providing academic tutoring, career coaching, veteran transition assistance, and organizational development services.

Our goal is to help you prepare for life’s next chapter, whether you’re going from high school to college, campus to the workforce, military to civilian, or the next level of business.

Where are you missing pieces in your transition puzzle?

Transition is a process, whether it is in life, school, career, or business.

  • Do you have a clear objective?

  • Are you confident of what you have to offer?

  • Do you have a driving purpose for your goal?

  • Are you familiar with the new environment you are entering?

  • Do you know how to show up in that new space to be successful?

Image by Mel Poole
Image by Mel Poole

Coaching Services

Toops Consulting offers various personal and professional development services. If you are unsure about your current situation or desperately want to change, come speak with us. Unlike personal coaches full of inspirational quotes, we spend time to get to know you, help identify your strengths and weaknesses, and work out a game plan together.

Academic Tutoring

Are you struggling academically or feel like you’re falling behind compared to your peers? 

We provide subject tutoring, ACT or SAT-Exam prep, executive skills coaching, learning modeling, and mentoring.

Career and Business Coaching

Did you hit a career bottleneck or can’t make up your mind about leaping into entrepreneurship? Let us help you discover your strengths, identify your unique value proposition, and develop a personal brand. Our business coaching services also cover LinkedIn profile optimization, networking strategy development, and more.

Veteran Transition Assistance

We draw from our first-hand experience transitioning from the military to civilian life and provide veteran’s transition assistance to help you step away from the force and back into ordinary life. Let us help you face the challenging lifestyle changes, find new opportunities, and rediscover life’s joy and fulfillment.

Organizational Development

Are you struggling with workforce engagement, diversity, and inclusion? Do you struggle with your team’s skills and abilities, time or risk management, confidence to contribute, or cross-functional planning, communication, and execution?

About Us

Toops Consulting is dedicated to helping individuals and businesses eliminate wasted time and effort with life, school, career, or business transitions by providing personal and professional development services that result in a more energetic, efficient, and successful pursuit and attainment of goals and opportunities.


Are You Ready To Transform?

Take your first step to transition with our Strengths Profile Assessment. Let Toops Consulting help you gain insight into yourself and your surroundings, so you can be ready to move toward a new horizon.

Why Toops Consulting

Trusted by individuals and businesses across the Kansas City Metro Area and the nation, Toops Consulting is one of the best personal and professional development coaches in Kansas City.
Improving Your Efficiency
Not only do we help you get the results you want, we also ensure you’re moving forward in the most efficient way while eliminating waste in your process, communication, and organization..
Personalized Approach
We don’t use cookie-cutter personal development handbooks. Instead, each client receives a customized game plan based on their Strengths Profile Assessment.
Deep-Rooted In The Community
We believe the community is our strongest support. Our actions are deep-rooted in the community, and we encourage you to step out of your comfort zone to network and connect.

The Toops Network

Find friends, mentors, and business partners, and build a powerhouse of a lifetime with Toops Consulting as we welcome you into our robust and dynamic referral network. Elevate with your community.
The Purple Connection
Find any resource you need from The Purple Connection — an expansive professional network with experts in education, career, legal, finance, and more.
ACA Business Club
With clubhouses located nationally and internationally, ACA Business Club provides individuals with the tools, strategies, and networking opportunities to grow.
Development On-Demand
Thinking about hosting your own event? We’ve got you covered. Toops Consulting can work with you on-demand, host, or speak at your events.

John Gervais

Hands down, working with Emma was a game-changer for me! In 2020, I was a little over a year from finishing 21 years of military service. Through her proven process, I learned my strengths, value to the workforce, how to read employment applications, and tailor my resume. I recently applied for my first position, and I got to the final round of interviews my first time at bat! This was a credit to Emma’s fantastic methodology and coaching style. Emma will set you up for success if you are planning to transition from the military!


Aseem Khana

I have had the pleasure and honor of working with Emma on my professional development journey. An excellent communicator, she provided fact-based guidance to help with my career transition. Her military background and perspective helped me to develop a disciplined approach to highlight professional strengths and work on weaknesses. I highly recommend working with Emma as she will take you through the journey of strength assessment and help you find the answers you are looking for to elevate your career profile.

Joshua Aguilar

"The best tutor!"

Sebastian Vlasic 

"Fantastic teacher - we are really happy. Thank you so much. The best. "

Discover Your Future

Book a 30-minute discovery call with the transition coaches at Toops Consulting and find out how you sit in life and where your future is.

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