EMPLOYERS – Do you want to hire Veterans, Military Spouses, or other military-experienced personnel? Do you have an entrepreneurial opportunity? Are your programs for talent acquisition, training, and engagement working for the military talent pool? Have you made mistaken hires in the past because of the Veteran/Civilian Culture Gap? Emma can help you improve/establish a military program or strategy so that you attract, hire, and retain quality Veterans who add great value to your organization!

Military Programs & Strategies

Military Talent Acquisition Programs Consulting

  • Marketing/Recruiting
  • Candidate Screen / Selection
  • Interview Communications
  • Hiring / On-boarding
  • Retention / Engagement

Education Workshops

  • The Veteran / Civilian Culture Gap
  • Military Organizational Structure and Function
  • ​Interviews with a Veteran / Military Spouse 
  • ​Military Culture

Diversity & Inclusion Topics

​Speaking Engagements

BUSINESSES - Do you have inefficiency in your IT operations, systems or processes? Do you have data management or information security concerns? Do you have the IT expertise on your staff that your organization really needs? David can help you improve upon or develop a customized IT program that will address these concerns and allow you to get on with the priorities of your business!

IT Consulting

Organizational IT Systems & Process Assessments

Workflow Optimization

IT Best Practices Review

Solutions Development

  • Databases
  • Report Management
  • Website Content Management
  • Policies & Procedures
  • Security Practices

​​VETERANS/MILITARY SPOUSES – Are you already in transition or planning for it?  Do you have uncertainties as to what you can offer, what you want to do next, or have no idea what is your personal brand or value proposition? We can help you be more intentional and effective so that you connect to an opportunity sooner!

Personal & Professional Development

1 on 1 Coaching (Veterans and Military Spouses)

  • Career Transition
  • Life Events
  • Entrepreneurship

Lunch & Learn, Workshops & Seminars, Coaching (a sampling of topics)

  • Translating Skills and Experience
  • LinkedIn and Facebook for You/Your Company
  • Focused Resume and Cover Letter
  • Networking and Job Fairs
  • Wardrobe and Self-Presentation
  • Information and Behavioral Interviews

Mastermind Studies

  • Think and Grow Rich
  • Wings of Joy